Kounter was designed and built in the UK by James Whittaker to solve the problem of never having enough timers in the kitchen!

Help & Support

Kounter was designed to be easy to use within a busy kitchen environment. Controls and gestures will become second nature enabling you to cook at your best.

Feeling a little stuck? Try some of the answers here, if not then just Tweet your question.

How do I add a new timer?

Just pull down and then release when you see the message release to add timer.

How do I delete a timer?

Swipe a row all the way to the left then release.

How do I reset a timer back to the original start time?

Swipe to the left but only slightly until you see the green background then release.

I entered the wrong time, now what?

Swipe the timer row to enter settings. Now swipe again to the right to reset the time back to zero.

I deleted all my timers! Help?

Don't panic. Just pull down to add a timer.

I want to change the order of my timers?

Press and hold on a timer row. The row will pop out now keep pressing and drag up or down to move. Release to place the row at the new position.

The timer finished and now it shows a tick instead of the time

Yes that is so you can keep track of what timers have run already.Very useful if you have a few timers that are repeated. Just tap or slide to reset back to the starting value.

My iPad keeps going to sleep I want to see the timers all the time.

Tap settings and turn on Prevent sleep. This will keep stop your iPad from going to sleep. Best used when you have your iPad plugged into a power source.

What is Kounter PRO and how do I get it?

The Pro version of Kounter is available as an in-app purchase. It removes adverts and allows you to access Timer groups and themes, plus you don't have the limit of 6 timers as you do in the free app. By purchasing you will be supporting a small developer and allow me to add new features and themes.

I purchased the Pro version but now have a new iPad?

No problem there. Tap Restore in the store window to restore your previous purchase of Kounter Pro from the App Store.

Can I feature your app?

Send me a Tweet (@jmwhittaker) and let's talk! You may also find the Press Kit useful.