The first app out of the Refreshing Apps stable is Kounter, a kitchen timer for the iPad.

The Concept

Like most people we have a little plastic digital timer in the kitchen. It works but you can only time one thing. So you get your iPhone out and set a timer on there. Well that's two but if your an avid cook you are quite possibly cooking or preparing fifty things at once especially when you have guests. Then Kounter was born.

How many times do you find yourself cooking the same things? How good would it be to save all of those timings for use next time? Yes we thought so too. With the Pro version of Kounter you can save Timer Groups; each group has a number of timers.

The Design

There are many timer apps out there for the iPad but for me Kounter had to be very simple and quick to use within a kitchen environment. The timers had to be easily read and understood, whilst the ability to manipulate the interface with the back of your knuckle when your in the middle of kneeding dough for example was key.

Kounter is available in the App Store for free now. Give it a try.