App Store, Kounter and ratings

The App Store

It's been quite a week since the launch. The word is getting around and i've been talking to some really interesting foodies on Twitter.

The App Store is a very tough place to be especially for small independant developers like myself. We are up against the big boys with their massive marketing budgets. My marketing budget is, well mostly £0! So I'm relying upon word of mouth recommendations from the people who have already found Kounter to be useful for them in the kitchen.

No one knows (apart from Apple!) how the App Store operates. Some get lucky and they get featured by Apple. Hopefully someone from Apple will like Kounter enough to give it a helping hand by featuring it in the store. That would be awesome.

Oddly Kounter should also be listed under a second category of productivity. So far it doesn't appear to be listed there. Again only time will tell if it actually appears.

The reviews

Over the last week Kounter had zero reviews, not one. I did wonder if Apple blocked apps from getting reviews too early then I checked the UK store yesterday.

Kounter App Store screenshot

Kounter had one written review and six 5 star ratings. For a first release of the app, i'm very pleased.

I'm going to keep pushing and promoting. Target for 2014 is to get the app on the Great British Bakeoff!.